The Benefits of Aqua Therapy


Horizon Rehabilitation offers the area’s only indoor, heated, and resistance therapy pool. Aqua therapy offers a vast array of benefits to those who utilize it, and at Horizon Rehabilitation, our Certified Aquatic Therapists on staff are ready to work with you today to help you on your journey to health and happiness.


What Exactly is Aqua Therapy?


Aquatic therapy consists of exercise programs that are performed entirely in the water. Usually, in a heated pool, these are beneficial forms of treatment for a variety of conditions and ailments. It utilizes the physical properties of the water (its weight, resistance, anti-gravity, and heat) to assist you in the healing process as well as increase your exercise performance.


Benefits of Aqua Therapy

Buoyancy. The buoyancy, or anti-gravity, properties of aqua therapy help decrease the amount of weight bearing on the joints. This reduces the amount of stress placed on your body while performing your exercises. This aspect is particularly beneficial for patients with arthritis, broken bones, who are overweight, or have chronic inflammation.


Density. The added density of the water enhances resistance to the exercises performed, but in a way that is still safe and low-impact.

Flexibility. The anti-gravity sensation of being in the water makes it easier and less painful to move and stretch different areas of your body. This stretching aid allows your muscles to be stretched more than they would out of the water and can greatly improve your overall flexibility.

Warmth. The warmth of the water, which is usually around 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit, allows your muscles to relax and widens your blood vessels, which gets more healing blood to flow to injured and painful areas. This aspect of aqua therapy can be deeply therapeutic to patients who are experiencing muscle spasms, back pain, and fibromyalgia.

Balance. The consistent pressure from the water offers the support your body needs to increase balance ability without any fear of falling over or getting hurt.


No Need for Swimming Lessons

Contrary to what you would think, you can participate in aqua therapy even if you cannot swim. However, if you do not know how to swim or have any apprehension when it comes to being in the water, you should inform your PT ahead of time so that they know to provide you with full assistance in the pool for the entirety of your sessions.


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If you have an injury or illness that causes limited mobility, chronic pain, balance issues, or the inability to strengthen and stretch without pain, aquatic therapy may be a good option for you. Our skilled therapists will walk you through the various programs we offer with our aquatic therapy services and customize a unique program that will serve you best. Make a consultation with us today to learn how aqua therapy can help you return to your baseline mobility and decrease your overall pain and limitations.


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