Quick Tip: 30 Second Sit-to-Stand Test


Is therapy the right choice?

One quick and simple tool you can use is what’s called a 30 second sit to stand test, in which the participant simply stands and sits from a regular chair without using their hands for 30 seconds.

  • If they’re in their 60’s they should be able to do this 14 times.

  • If they’re in their 70’s they should be able to do this at least 12 times

  • If they’re in their 80’s they should be able to do this about 10 times.

If they can’t do it without using their hands, they’re allowed to use their hands. This is called the modified 30 sit to stand test, but they should be able to do an extra repetition or two.

If they can’t do these things or meet those thresholds, give us a call at Horizon Rehabilitation, and we’ll be happy to give them an examination and screening.



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