Quick Tip: Proper Use and Fitting, Crutches and Canes


Are you sure your crutches and canes fit properly and are being used safely?

One of the main things that we see when people come into the office on crutches or canes is they’re not quite sure how to size them up. There are two very simple things as it comes to how to properly adjust your crutches.

  • The handles should be about where the bend of our wrist is. So when we put our wrists or arms down comfortably at our side, the fold of our wrists should be right where the handles are.

  • The height of the crutch should be about two to three finger widths from the armpit. So we do not want to be resting down on our crutches. Rather, we want to be up and bracing them against our side to give ourselves proper support.

    (The same methodology works with canes. The height of the cane should be right at the bend of our wrists.)

    How do we properly go up and down stairs with a crutch or cane?

    When it comes time, follow a simple expression, “going up with the good, going down with the bad. The good go to heaven and the bad go to hell.”

    The good leg should lead the way, and as we come down the stairs. The bad or the injured leg, along with the assisted device should lead the way down the stairs. Be sure to be safe and effective with both the sizing and use of your assisted device, should you have an injury.



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