Staying Hydrated This Summer


How to do we know if we’re getting enough hydration?

One of the reasons we love living here in the lowcountry is being outside and enjoying everything the outside has to offer, but now that we’re in the middle of summer time, the heat’s getting to us all. One thing that we know you’ve heard time and time again is you need to hydrate. How to do we know if we’re getting enough hydration?

Here some quick ways to check:

  • Check your urine. It should be a straw yellow color. If it’s darker than that you’re dehydrated. If it’s clearer than that you’re probably getting a little too much hydration.

  • Hop on a scale that can tell how much of your body weight is coming from water. (You should look for a number around 60%.)

  • If you know you’re gonna to be outside, try to weigh yourself before activity. Then weigh yourself after activity. Any weight loss you had during that activity is water weight loss, and you should try to replenish that of course.


How do we prepare against dehydration?

The answer, of course, is drinking water! Let’s be honest, water can get a little monotonous. So we can spice it up sometimes with products like MIO, and flavored waters. Gatorades are great and strongly recommended if you’re gonna be outside for more than an hour, but also they have sugar in them so you need to watch the sugar content if you have medical conditions that require that.

Whatever you do, get outside, and enjoy what the lowcountry has to offer - and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!



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