Early diagnosis and treatment improves both the prognosis and the condition.


Oncology rehabilitation describes a wide range of therapies designed to help our patients build strength and endurance, regain independence, reduce stress, and maintain the energy they need to participate in the daily activities so important to them.

  • Lymphedema Management

  • Restorative Interventions


Lymphedema Management


Non–surgical options to prevent lymphedema

At Horizon Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, we offer a comprehensive lymphedema management program. Our lymphedema specialist begins with a thorough assessment, including chief complaints, medical history, medications, range of motion, strength, skin integrity, limb girth measurements and functional limitations. Based on this assessment and your doctor's recommendations, she will develop an individualized treatment plan.

Treatment of lymphedema may include:

  • Education regarding skin care, risk factors and prevention strategies;

  • Manual lymph drainage performed with a very light touch to avoid injury to delicate lymphatic vessels. This encourages the reabsorption and flow of the fluid back toward the heart by re–routing the lymph flow around blocked areas into healthy lymph vessels;

  • Lymphedema exercises that mimic the motions and sequence of the manual lymph drainage by activating the muscle and joint pumps to move the fluid out of the limb.


Our certified therapists use the most current and research driven methods to treat lymphedema and to educate the patient on the long term management of it.


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