Quick Tip: Soreness VS. Injury


A simple ache or true injury?

How do we tell when we have a simple ache or issue that came on after a hard workout? When do we truly have an injury? These are questions that many of our patients ask. Soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness, is typically classified in peaks 24 to 72 hours after activity. This usually happens throughout the body bilaterally in both sides of our joints. It can also be a little tender to the touch. That soreness usually goes away with some light activity, a warm up, maybe a light bike ride or a walk.

Whereas when an injury happens, that pain that we feel can be right then and there when we’re doing the activity and can linger 7-10 days afterwards. It’s usually sharp and happens in one side or one joint.

If you’re experiencing pain that’s lasting 7-10 days and simply isn’t going away, call here at Horizons Rehabilitation. Let us take a look. We’re happy to guide you through the process.



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